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To help ease the pain, No Footprint To Small creates personalized bears that are intended to match the baby's birth weight. Holding the bears serves as a therapeutic tool and provides a physical way for mothers to grieve. Read more...

Jolie Vega of No Footprint Too Small has the opportunity to speak with Cindy Lange-Kubick of the Lincoln Journal Star about No Footprint Too Small.

The recently established No Footprint Too Small Birth and Bereavement Services is holding a fundraiser. The nonprofit's mission focuses on providing support for mothers and families who have experienced pregnancy and/or infant loss.

When a baby dies, a parent’s grief runs deep. This kind of grief saps the parent’s physical and emotional strength. Especially during the first year, many parents doubt they can survive this experience. Their devastation feels too all-encompassing, coloring everything around them. The trauma makes it difficult to imagine ever healing. Ever.

When a baby dies, most grieving parents struggle with feelings of guilt. If you are a bereaved parent, you likely know this emotion well. At times, guilt can feel like a flood that threatens to sweep you under.

Practicing good mental health means not exposing yourself to the horrifying details. Still, it’s disconcerting when it’s hard to imagine that you—or anyone else—could ever be able to pick up the pieces when life is shattered by such tragedy.