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Request a care package for yourself or someone you know who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

Our care packages are put together to cater to the unique make up of each family, as well as to cater to each unique type of loss, in hopes that it may provide the most beneficial information and sense of comfort (for example, if a family has a younger child we will include a book about pregnancy and infant loss that is made especially to help younger siblings understand the loss).

In order to help assist with costs associated with shipping and handling expenses, a minimum donation of $25 is required to request a care package at this time.

The content of our care packages can be valued up to $100 and can cost up to $15 per package to ship! As a small but mighty non-profit, your generosity ensures that we are able to continue to provide services to the mothers and families in which we serve.

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Please allow at least 10-14 business days after placing a request for the care package to be delivered; we have been experiencing delays in delivery following the onset of COVID-19.