What We Do

Support from Other Mothers and Families

1 in 4 mothers experience pregnancy loss. 90,000 children die annually in the U.S. before their first birthday. Every 20 minutes a baby is born still. You are not alone. At No Footprint Too Small we want to make sure that mothers and families affected by pregnancy and infant loss know that. 

Whether it is before the birth of the child, after the birth while still in the hospital, at the comfort of the family's own home or in a mutual location after some time has passed since the loss, we are humbled to provide you with support along this journey.

After No Footprint Too Small is contacted and with the consent of the bereaved mother and family, we like to send out a pair of our volunteers. One of the volunteers is a bereaved mother herself who has obtained training specifically on how to support those who have experienced pregnancy and/or infant loss or who has gone through general grief training. Each of our volunteers have personal experience relating to miscarriage, stillbirths, infant death, infertility after loss, as well as with the experience of having a baby in the NICU. We will try our best to send a volunteer whose experience is most similar to that of the family’s. The other volunteer that will accompany the volunteer mother is a licensed mental health professional.

During the visit we will provide the family with a care package full of mementos, books and other reading materials and resources, a journal, and other additional items that we have personally found to bring us comfort, peace, and reassurance during our own times of loss. We are available to the bereaved mothers and families to offer companionship, birth and bereavement doula support, referrals to resources within the community and elsewhere, and most importantly, we are here to offer hope.