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Therapy Assistance

Financial assistance is limited to those located within the state of Nebraska.

No Footprint Too Small’s (NFTS) Mental Health Therapy Assistance Program is a fully-funded program that connects under-insured and uninsured mothers, fathers, and/or families who have experienced pregnancy and/or infant loss with Nebraska-based mental health clinicians to receive cost free, confidential mental health therapy.

Please provide the information requested below. Upon verifying your eligibility for the program as well as our organization's funding availability, a NFTS team member will provide names and contact information of participating mental health clinicians in which you will be eligible to receive up to 10 fully-funded sessions with.

Requestor's Contact Information

Details of Request
Please verify that you are uninsured or under-insured (ex: you have insurance but the plan does not cover mental health services or there is a high deductible, making obtaining mental health therapy a financial burden).
Are you currently attending mental health therapy?
Who are you seeking mental health therapy for?
Questions or Comments
Please feel free to provide any additional information related to your request or use this space to include questions you may have regarding your request.