No Footprint Too Small Birth and Bereavement Services (NFTS) affirms its commitment to human diversity and inclusion. We recognize and value the ethnic, cultural, religious, generational, and racial richness of our community. We encourage mutual respect and understanding among people of all abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities. We recognize that true excellence in organizations and communities results from identifying, serving, and enlisting the participation of people who represent a diversity of experiences.

NFTS acknowledges an unfortunate history in our country of the use of derogatory, stereotypical, and other hurtful characterizations. We resolve to eliminate such portrayals and language from correspondence, inter-agency communications, interactions with clients and fellow professionals, and events. NFTS believes in the accessibility and affordability of human services for all people with respect for those of all gender/gender identity, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, intelligence, size, appearance, and low economic status. 

We believe this commitment to be our responsibility as a professional organization in our community and for the future of this city and country.