“My middle son was born at 24 weeks, after my water broke at 21 weeks, from a placenta prévia. He weighed 1 lb. 3 oz. and fought for 109 days in the NICU before he died. At the time of Carson’s death, NFTS was not up and running, however it wasn’t too long after that I learned about this new organization. It has been just over 3 years since I lost my sweet boy. I believe that being involved in this organization has given me a sense of belonging, and it’s allowed me to have a safe place to express my feelings of grief. I feel that just having the opportunity to volunteer, donate, and be available for other families of loss has actually helped me in trying to make sense of my son’s death. The need for this organization is HUGE, and I only wish that NFTS was available at the beginning of my journey.”

-Alyssa Hoefer, NFTS Supporter and Bereaved Mother

“It's a blessing to have a service like this in our community! We never imagined we would be need of their services but we did. Jolie was so kind, helpful and most of all comforting. We thank God for making them available to us during our worst days.”

-Jacob Cline, NFTS Client Facebook Review

“NFTS provided a lifeline to me. Losing Luke was and still is such a lonely journey. You helped me see how ‘normal’ all the feelings I was experiencing were.”

-Kelly Johnson, NFTS Client, Supporter and Bereaved Mother

“They were absolutely amazing in making the care package and bear. So much sentient behind it and I’ll hold it dear in my heart. Losing my sweet daughter to brain cancer she was born with is the most unimaginable pain but when people go above and beyond it warms my heart.”

-Whitney Wiley, NFTS Client Facebook Review

“On December 11th, I found out my son was no longer living and I immediately got thrown information and questions I couldn't even process. December 12th is the day No Footprint Too Small became an important part of our family. We talked a few times over the next couple days as she told me her PAIL story, answered a million questions I had, and helped me with anything I needed. The morning of Asher's delivery she met us at the hospital and was a huge part of our day, not only was she a support to me but my entire family. Between the care package, taking pictures, making a timeline, answering questions, and sending me a simple text asking how I'm doing, and everything in between. In a horrible and dark time, she brought light. Almost 8 months later and No Footprint Too Small continues to be so important to me. To those who have or continue to support this amazing organization, thank you! It's people like you are what make the world go ‘round.”

-Tiffany Trauernicht, NFTS Client, Supporter and Bereaved Mother

“NFTS was a huge help in losing our little girl last July. We got a care package and used the treasure chest as a memory box for all our memories with Gabriella. I get notes every so often in the mail to let me know they are thinking about my family and it makes me feel very blessed to have this service in our community.

-Alicia Schuller, NFTS Client Facebook Review

“NFTS provided me guidance when I was overwhelmed and friendship when I felt alone. This type of support isn’t something you are aware exists until you need it.  And when 1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss, chances are, we all need it at some point.  At the time our doctor delivered the devastating news, he also handed us 15 brochures and pamphlets.  I didn’t know where to begin.  So when Jolie reached out to me, it was exactly what I needed.  When your life is turned upside down, the last thing you want to do is call a bunch of people you don’t know.  Jolie contacted me right when I needed her (even though I didn’t know I needed her) and provided the resources and emotional support to get me through the rough parts.  Additionally, no one is ever prepared for the financial burden that occurs on top of the emotional hell you experience with infant loss.  Even with donated services, we still paid over $3,000 for funeral and burial costs.  Donating to NFTS is especially important because not all families have that kind of money readily available.  So not only do some people have to experience the death of a child, they also then have to worry about finances.  Being able to provide funds is an important part of NFTS’s mission.”

-Erin Konecky, NFTS Client, Volunteer, and Bereaved Mother