Evan Anderson's family initially started making "Evan's Hugs" t-shirts to raise money to create a special comfort item that they donated to the local NICU. After funding was no longer immediately needed for supplies, they chose to donate the proceeds of their t-shirts to NFTS.

"We initially made Evans Hugs shirts because me and two girls from my church started sewing items for the NICU babies at Bryan East where Evan spent his two days of his life and these items were long tubes that surrounded the babies like a “hug”. But when we slowed down making those hugs it was so cool to see people we didn’t even know around town recognize our shirts. We decided to sell more because we truly believe that no matter how small or short a life is we know it can leave a big impact on our world. Plus—what’s better than seeing your sons name all over your town!?

When we sold the shirts initially all the proceeds went to buy fabric and supplies to make the hugs."

-Tori Anderson