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Care Packages

A care package is the perfect gift for a grieving heart--less costly than a bouquet of flowers and a source of long-term comfort. Put together with care by our team, each package is carefully crafted with sentimental mementos, practical resources, and psychoeducational resources to cater to the unique make up of  each family as well as to the unique type of pregnancy or infant loss. Most importantly, our care packages connect the bereaved to ongoing resources, support, and hope.

The contents of each package are placed into a gender-neutral memento box that includes:

  • a journal with writing prompts
  • 3-5 books related to pregnancy and infant loss (the amount of books and types of books vary by the makeup of the family as well as any other considerations. For example, recipients that have surviving siblings will include material for children and recipients who were given a life-limiting diagnosis for their baby will receive relevant material)
  • mementos such as a knitted pair of angel wings and a special bracelet for fathers
  • a gift card to a local restaurant (because even the simplest tasks like cooking are exhausting while grieving!)
  • a lavender-scented candle to encourage relaxation and self-care
  • a pamphlet that provides additional information about other resources and services 

*contents may vary

To order a care package for yourself or someone else, click here.